• Yusuke N.

エゾビタキとか近所の野鳥とか / Grey-streaked Flycatcher and familiar birds

A Grey-streaked Flycatcher, which I compared in detail in the previous post.

I would like to confirm the presence or absence of the dark spots on the undertail coverts, which was mentioned in the section on the identification of Grey-streaked Flycatcher and Siberian Flycatcher, but unexpectedly there are no shots that clearly show this part.

A member of the warblers family. It's hard to tell, because there are no apparent clues. The pink color of the lower bill suggests that it may be a Sakhalin Leaf-warbler.

Other familiar wild bird series.

This bird is thought to be a young White Wagtail because of its light color and yellowish face. It appears here and there in the park with what appears to be its parent bird.

Some of the sparrows are always in and out of the gap at the base of the piers, probably nesting there.

I take the occasional Rock Dove. The clear blue sky and whitish blocks give it a Greek look.


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