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コロニー / Colony

This year I would like to make a fixed point of observation of the colonies of Great Cormorant and Herons. Since I am not close to the colony, I will report any changes in the colony every week or two.

Generally, the western side of the island is the cormorant area and the eastern side is the heron area.

A week has passed since my last observation. The herons have gathered in large numbers and have piled up nesting materials, but there is no indication that they are in full-blown egg-laying mode.


Herons in nuptial color | Nikon D500 + AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR

There is no sign of chicks hatching in the cormorants either.


Many of the cormorants are incubating eggs.


A pair of cormorants are getting along well with each other with their heads turned back.

Looking closely, I also saw a Black-crowned Night Heron. I would like to observe them to see if they also nest in this colony.


The Night Herons are inconspicuous. Not sure if they are a pair or not.

In a complete change, this was the first time I saw and photographed Ashy Minivet (p. d. tegimae).

リュウキュウサンショウクイ / Ashy Minivet (P. d. tegimae)

リュウキュウサンショウクイ / Ashy Minivet (P. d. tegimae)

P. d. tegimae is a subspecies of Ashy Minive that seems to be a resident bird in southern Kyushu and southward. It differs from the Japanese Crested Salamander in its dark breast and black foreparts.

Frontal face with unexpectedly distant and somewhat charming eyes.

The last one is a mimetic insect. Mr. Google Lens says it's a "Kurokonoma Butterfly".

I really like mimetic-looking insects because they are a wonder of nature and evolution, but identifying them is hard...

I'll try to tackle it properly when I learn the birds, but this is a pattern I'll put off and not do.

Dead leaf type commonly seen in moths and butterflies

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