• Yusuke N.

ネコとカラス / A Cat and Crows

A Holstein's cat is being teased by a flock of crows. Crows in such a flock are considered to be young birds that have not yet paired, and they are certainly mischievous and bossy.

ネコとハシブトガラスたち / A cat and Large-billed Crows
ネコとハシブトガラスたち / A cat and Large-billed Crows

Cat, get angry.

But the crows are not giving up. One of them approaches to mess with the cat, which glares at it.

This time, from behind, one of the birds extends its beak to its tail. The others around the cat just look amused.


But the crows would not back down. The cat is also weak because of their persistence.

After this, the cat vomited something and left. The crows flocked to the vomit.

I don't know what happened first, but it may be that the cat ate something and was targeted by a flock of crows that were watching it. It is hard to say, since it is possible that they were just messing around with the cat for fun and this is what happened.

This is another cat.

A Grey Heron swooping down on the shore. It is still big when it spreads its wings like this.

アオサギ / Grey Heron
アオサギ / Grey Heron

The rocky shore, the blue sea, and the wagtail.

ハクセキレイ / White Wagtail
ハクセキレイ / White Wagtail

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