• Yusuke N.

水たまり / Puddle

As I was riding my motorcycle down from the top of the mountain without much success, I noticed something strange about the puddled waterway.


A puddle-like waterway with no flow. Black...?

I thought something was buzzing around, but it turned out to be a lot of tadpoles.

I've seen them in large numbers in rice paddies, but never at this density. How could this have happened? Did the eggs gather here when the water was flowing through the depression in the canal? Or was this the only watering hole and all the frogs in the neighborhood came together to lay eggs? Some of the frogs had grown legs, so they must have survived for some time.

I moved even closer. I never thought the day would come when I would be able to observe tadpoles with macro photography.

The eyes are covered with a membrane and appear to glow bluish-white with strobe light.

In some individuals, the eyes can be seen underneath the membrane, and they have the eyes of a frog.

I am not at all confident about identifying the tadpoles.

Based on the fact that the photo was taken in early June, and the identification method I could find on the Internet, there is a possibility that it is a Schlegel's green tree frog tadpole.


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